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Here We Go Again

by Dan Gunderson

I was browsing through my Facebook today and I noticed a posting by one of my friends on a page called FCS Football Fans and Teams Petition to Espn to Air Games. I chuckle at these Facebook petition groups because I get the impression that these people actually believe that this is going to work.

Look, I applaud the effort. I really do and I will be the first to say that the system FCS football uses to determine their national champion is far superior to what FBS does. It creates better match-ups, better games and there is no arguing at the end of the season about who is the real national champion.

Let me get this out of the way and say the second round of the FCS Playoffs are being carried on ESPN's online service, ESPN3 or watchespn.com. So, technically, ESPN is carrying these games. That is not the issue being brought up by this group. It is that the games are not on the regular channels of ESPN or ESPN 2.

I think these groups are going about it all wrong. Instead of going after the mighty ESPN, which cares about noting more than the all mighty dollar, why not petition them to have the games get carried by a local television station? 

ESPN cannot be making a ton of money off of these games, hence why they bury them on their Internet only channel.service. So, why not provide their equipment and technical workers to the highest local television bidder?

You receive better coverage, announcers who know the dialect, pronunciations and the teams playing. You also have the chance for these local television stations to make some serious cash. Local business would line up to advertise on the area's most watched programming that week.

I understand that not every team plays in an area where people clamor for FCS football like they do in Fargo. I also get that it is not as easy as I make it sound to make this type coverage happen. However, it is a better plan of attack than to stomp your feet at ESPN.

Just a suggestion. As you were. 

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