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Top 25?

by Dan Gunderson

It has come to my attention that some people out there believe the North Dakota State University football team could and/or should be ranked in the Football Bowl Subdivision top 25. Hold on there guy who writes for a college newspaper and calls me out because he thinks it is cute. Sit down and I will explain some things to you and everyone else.

First, here is a link to the AP Top 25 in the FBS. Please tell me which team you believe NDSU could beat.

The Bison have won seven games against FBS schools in the last 10 years. That is a pretty amazing accomplishment. Anybody want to venture a guess on how many of those teams were actually good teams? Maybe one because we are still waiting to see how this season turns out for Kansas State University.

The Bison would get worked in the Big Ten, worked in the Big Twelve and probably be the fourth or fifth best team in the MAC this season. Maybe. I am not saying this 2013 Bison team is bad but you have to remember they are playing with a collection of Football Championship Subdivision talent.

One win against what could end up being a suspect Wildcats team does not make you a top 25 worthy team. Not saying the victory wasn’t impressive. I am saying that we all need to relax when throwing out rankings.

Now, if NDSU goes out and crushes EVERY team they play by three touchdowns, okay. I will say the rankings are deserved. Otherwise, just breath it out and enjoy the 2013 season. Man. The things people come up with on bye week…

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