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Best of NTL-"The Great Escape"- Major General (retired) David M. Jones Pt. 1

by Bob Harris

I recently re-read Paul Brickhill's book "The Great Escape" and it brought back memories of my interview with Major General (retired) David Jones. Jones was the basis for the Steve McQueen character "Virgil Hilts" in the movie of the same name. It's a movie I first saw at the local drive-in theater. My Mom and Dad put the four of us kids in the back seat of the old Plymouth and hooked the speaker to the driver's door window at the "Moonlight" Drive-In Theater in Moorhead. I've always loved this movie and when channel surfing I always stop to watch the rest of the film whether it's just starting or just ending. This riveting interview goes back at least to the mid 90's and I hope you enjoy listening to part 1.