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The #1 source for Ag news in the Red River Valley. KFGO's Ag director Shawna Olson gets her truck dirty every week in the fields meeting with area farmers to discuss the key issues they face and keeps an eye on the crops, all while having a little fun. The experience you can trust is right here on KFGO.

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Agri-Biz talks about the latest in farming and technology. Shawna talks with the leaders in agriculture and the producers that feed the world. She also brings local, fun stories about life on the farm.

  • Mon, jul 21 2014 - 10:47 a.m.

    Grain issues being talked about - It's YOUR Agri-Business

    Secretary of Agriculture Lucas Lentsch was in Washington Friday within 24 hours of when the Malaysian Plane was shot out of the air; it caused talk about grain with Russians ...

  • Wed, jul 16 2014 - 3:21 p.m.

    Looking to Bolster Beef Demand

    This July beef month provides a bit of a challenge for beef producers. With beef supplies at a 50 year low and retail prices at a record high, producers are ...

  • Tue, jul 15 2014 - 4:24 p.m.

    Call For Action Immigration Reform

    With Immigration Reform back in the headlines a coalition of business, manufacturing and agriculture earmarked a day of action to see if they could get Congress and the president to ...

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*Quotes from the Chicago Board of Trade Commodities Futures (may be delayed up to 30 minutes.)

CORN Sep '14 360'2360'6363'4359'2362'42'2362'4
CORN Dec '14 368'2369'0371'2366'4370'62'4370'6
CORN Mar '15 380'2380'0380'0379'4382'42'2382'4
SOYBEANS Aug '14 1184'01200'41202'01200'41201'017'01201'0
SOYBEANS Sep '14 1085'01100'01100'01100'01101'616'61101'6
SOYBEANS Nov '14 1057'61061'01077'41058'61076'418'61076'4
WHEAT Sep '14 524'4525'6531'0525'6530'66'2530'6
WHEAT Dec '14 548'6552'0553'4552'0554'45'6554'4
WHEAT Mar '15 572'4577'65'2577'6
FEEDER CATTLE Aug '14 216.025217.275217.275217.250217.2501.225217.250
FEEDER CATTLE Sep '14 216.775218.425219.350215.700218.4001.625218.400
FEEDER CATTLE Oct '14 216.900218.175218.200218.175218.1751.275218.175
LIVE CATTLE Aug '14 155.950156.050156.600154.800156.0500.100156.050
LIVE CATTLE Oct '14 157.875159.000159.000156.400158.0000.125158.000
LIVE CATTLE Dec '14 157.925159.000159.000156.700157.725-0.200157.725
LEAN HOGS Aug '14 127.575126.150126.175124.575124.575-3.000124.575
LEAN HOGS Oct '14 113.450111.700111.700110.450110.450-3.000110.450
LEAN HOGS Dec '14 104.500101.500101.500101.500101.500-3.000101.500
BUTTER Jul '14 3502.03490.0-12.03490.0
BUTTER Aug '14 3500.03500.03500.03500.03500.00.03500.0
BUTTER Sep '14 3475.03475.03475.03475.03475.00.03475.0
MILK CLASS III Jul '14 21.5221.520.0021.52
MILK CLASS IV Jul '14 23.5123.510.0023.51
NONFAT DRY MILK Jul '14 185.500186.0000.500186.000
CHEESE - BARRELS SPOT CBX$Y 2.07002.04002.04002.03252.0325-0.03752.0325
CHEESE - BLOCKS SPOT CZ$Y 2.03002.03002.04002.03002.04000.01002.0400
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