Boys of Summer


Think warmth! Think sunshine! Think baseball!

KFGO's Mike McFeely and Daniel Gunderson are in Fort Myers, Fla., this week at the spring training home of the Minnesota Twins. They'll be talking with all of your favorite Twins players, coaches and media personalities about spring training and the upcoming 2014 season.

Did the Twins make enough off-season moves to improve on their last three seasons? Will Joe Mauer be able to make the transition from All-Star catcher to first baseman? Were the Twins right to give manager Ron Gardenhire another chance? Will youngsters Miguel Sano and Byron Buxton go north with the team?

This will be a multi-media experience. Mike and Daniel will provide videos, audio interviews, photographs and blog posts to help you understand the Twins ... and experience the warmth and sunshine of southwest Florida. OK, the second part of that is a stretch, but you'll be able to see what the warmth and sunshine of Fort Myers looks like.There are numerous ways to follow KFGO, Mike and Daniel on social media:


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