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Surprise Puppies

by Bob Harris

My first blog on the KFGO website so we will start it out with a happy note. A nice surprise, my sister adopted a 4 year old dog Emma, and told it was "fixed". Surprise, surprise out pops Max and 7 other brothers and sisters.  Emma is 1/2 peke and 1/2 dachshund, but not a 100 percent sure on the father. They took a 350 mile road trip to pick-up this little cutie the found on facebook , and another 350 mile journey back to Fargo. Well on the way home it was noticed Emma's tummy was a little bloated and it wasn't something she ate. A visit to the Vet turn up finding 8 puppies ready to come any day. 10/10/13 they were born,  all in good health and one spoken for already. In my hands is little max. Nice job Emma!

Me and Max

Mama Emma