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New Bobby Vee music released.

by Bob Harris

I have been a friend of Bobby Vee's for a long long time. When he announced he had Alzheimer’s Disease it was a shock to everyone. I have been the MC for a couple of Bobby's shows over the years, mainly around the anniversary of the plane crash that took the lives of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the Big Bopper. I often wonder how many times he's been asked about that day when he took the stage at the Moorhead Armory to fill in for the plane victims. But that night, as many have said, a star was born. When a phone interview was requested, he's always said yes and even went one step further. I was doing a 90 minute show in the afternoon and Bobby wanted to talk about his new CD. I, of course said no problem. Little did I know that he would drive from his home near St.Cloud and drive up to Fargo and did the show live. The phone did not stop ringing for the entire show. He signed autographs and gave away copies of his new CD. He is one hell of a guy. His wife Karen is showing great signs of better health after a lung transplant. 

The new LP or CD or Recording, whatever you call it these days is call "Bobby Vee: The Adobe Sessions" and you can find info about how to get it by checking out his website.

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This is a pretty cool video that is a rundown of Bobby's Career.