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Jiffy the Dog Passes away!

by Bob Harris

I have done all kinds of stories in my radio career and one of the more touching ones was the story of Jiffy the Dog in Sheboygan Wisconsin. Jiffy's owner let him get extremely overweight. Highest was 118 pounds. One day authorities were called to Jiffy's home to find the dog frozen to the sidewalk. It, in all honesty, did not appear to be a "cruelty" situation. Jiffy's owner found the dog was unable to get up and placed a blanket over him. Jiffy's body heat and the blanket caused the melting of the snow and formed ice and Jiffy was stuck. He was then taken into the Humane Society and adopted. (by a Humane Society member if I remember correctly). Now the long work lay ahead to start losing the weight and hopefully no damage was done to any joints because of Jiffy's bulk. Very slowly but surely the weight did come off and at Jiffy's death he was a slim 56 pounds. Below are before and after pictures of Jiffy at 118 and at 54. The 3rd picture is from about 3  years ago when my niece Hannah drove me over to visit Jiffy. If I remember correctly he was just over 70 lbs. in that picture.

Jiffy on my visit. Jiffy also has a Facebook page "Jiffy the Dog"