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Is this a Ghost or am I Dreaming?"

by Bob Harris

A few years ago I had the experience of going out on a ghost hunt at a Northside home in Moorhead. The FM Paranormal group invited me out for the evening to examine the house from the basement all the way to the upstairs bedrooms.

I have to admit I heard nothing, I felt nothing, I saw nothing while others did, however the EMF units were flashing lights sensing some abnormal energy in the air. Cameras, both still and video, were working thru the wee hours of the morning.

I had my own digital camera, a Canon A540, and took a number of pictures in the dark with flash. After we when thru out stills and magnified them and examined every inch of the shot. I was in a bedroom upstairs and the story was that the was a ghost that was often heard in the room, especially the bathroom.

This is that photo! Blown up to full magnification and I see a face. Remember it was taken in total darkness. Do you see a GHOST!!!!!!! Happy Halloween!