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Am I Ready for Snow? NO

by Bob Harris

We had a blizzard in the Western Dakotas, measurable snow to the North, and a few flakes in Fargo-Moorhead. Am I ready for winter? Absolutely not! Except I did buy a new winter coat at the end of last winter. Where my gloves are I haven't got a clue. Haven't had snow boots for years, so I wonder how many pairs of shoes I've ruined in that time. I do have a shovel but now somebody else takes care of the driveway. Cupboards haven't got much food-wise in them and I still need a flu shot. And what am I going to burn in the fireplace when it gets cold?

Why does this happen to me every year? I guess women have been right all these years guys.

It because we're MEN.

p.s. cross your fingers for no power outages!