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A Find of Minnesota Twins Treasure - In My Old Wallet!

by Bob Harris

What some of us won't keep! In this case I'm so glad I did. From an old box,I pulled out my wallet that I'm guessing was from my Central Junior High days in Moorhead. However the two ticket stubs you see above were a little before that time. My first Twins game at the age of 10. My father was never really into going to sports events and one day he pulled these out and asked if I'd like to go. "Hell Ya!" Actually I said "Yes". On a beautiful afternoon on Aug. 30th 1966, I saw the Minnesota Twins defeat the "newer" Washington Senators 3-1.Notice the ticket price for Box Seats! 

And when you parked at Metropolitan stadium you were given a tag to put on the dashboard of your vehicle.

We didn't have steaks that day. Hot dogs, popcorn and soda pop was on the menu for my first Twins game. More finds in my old wallet in the Fm Extra. and more here in future posts.