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A Farewell to Mickey Rooney

by Bob Harris

At the age of 93 we lost one of the true giants of entertainment (although he was only 5 '2") Mickey Rooney was bit by the stage at a very young age. The story goes he crawled out on stage at the age of 14 months with a harmonica around his neck.as father picked him up he was hit by a spotlight and the bug was with him for the next 90 plus years. It'svery rare for any child star to stay in the spotlight as long as he did.

I remember as a very young boy watching an old movie called " National Velvet" and even at a very young age and it was a movie from 1941 I thought he was a lucky son of a gun because he was working with Elizabeth Taylor who everyone who watched that movie fell in love with.

Mickey did enter the service right after that movie, but being that size he was assigned to help entertain the troops both at USO shows and on Armed Forces Radio.

Mickey could not only act but he played music too, and he did it well.

R.I.P. Mickey Rooney