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You Cannot Be Serious

by Dan Gunderson

On Tuesday afternoon, soon-to-be former North Dakota State University Athletic Director Gene Taylor joined the Mike McFeely Show to talk about the official groundbreaking of the Sanford Health Athletic Center (SHAC).

Even before the interview happened, I received a call from someone, asking me to have Mike ask Gene why he would leave his position at NDSU to become the Deputy Director of Athletics at the University of Iowa.

This was an answer Gene had given several times since it was announced in June that he was going to take the position at Iowa. He was doing it because he wanted to become an AD at a BCS school.

The step before becoming an AD at a BCS school is to take a second in command position at a FBS school. This was his reason for taking the position. A sound one at that.

However, after Mike had reiterated this for about a millionth time, this happened.

I had to walk away from my computer screen because I was afraid I was going to break it.

This truly cannot be the thinking of all Bison fans. I mean, I would like think NDSU fans are intelligent about the landscape of college athletics.

If this is really how Bison fans feel, allow me to give you a dose or reality.

The University of Iowa's athletic revenue for the 2012-13 year was $107,153,782. In comparison, NDSU's was $18,861,510. Which, by the way, is about $3.5 million less than the UNIVERSITY OF NORTH DAKOTA!

The University of Iowa is paying NDSU $500,000 instead of $400,000 to play them in football in 2016 because Iowa AD Gary Barta found an extra $100,000 in his office couch.

The football team is no world beater but they have beaten those pesky Gophers a time or two. They are 10-5 against them in the last 15 years.

To the caller who asked me if Iowa had beaten Minnesota on a consistent basis, there is your answer.

So, if for some reason, NDSU beating Minnesota is evidence that the Bison could beat Iowa, I'm not seeing it. It is a weak correlation anyways.

Also, Iowa is not a bottom feeder Big 10 football team. In the last five years, the Hawkeyes have had two eight wins seasons and an 11 win season.

This is a move up for Gene and a big one at that. He is only a spot away from becoming the next AD for Iowa or Arizona State or you name the FBS school. Just because his new position does not have the AD title next to it, doesn't mean it is a lateral move.

Whether it be budgets, revenue or talent, Iowa, in every since, is a step up for Gene. Believe it.

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