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What You Should Know: University of New Hampshire

by Dan Gunderson

Another week of playoffs for the North Dakota State University football team and another opponent you know nothing about. It is okay. The University of New Hampshire is new to this part of the playoffs and you will need some sort of guide when trying to determine why you like/dislike the Wildcats.

What follows are a few facts about the University, the town they reside in and why it may or may not cost you a vital organ to go to their precious school. Warning! These facts may cause drowsiness in others. Do not use while operating heavy equipment.

·   The University of New Hampshire is located in the small town of Durham, which has 14,638 people. According to the 2010 census, that would make it the 10th largest city in the state of North Dakota.

·   The University of New Hampshire was ranked as having the fourth highest in-state tuition for a public four-year college in the country by the Department of Education. How much is it you ask? According the university’s website, an undergrad will pay 13,670 per year to attend the school.

·   The University of New Hampshire is one of only nine land, sea and space institutions in the nation.

·   The University has had several notable alumni including Carlton Fisk, Jackie MacMullan and nearly 20 NHL hockey players. Chip Kelly was also a part of the coaching staff for one year in 1992 and from 1994-2006.

·   According to Google Maps, it would take you 25 hours and 1,680 miles to travel from Durham, N.H. to Fargo, N.D.  It is 626 miles and 10 hours less to get to Frisco, Texas from Fargo, N.D. Just figured you would need to know that route.

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