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What You Should Know: Towson University

by Dan Gunderson

One more time during the football season for the North Dakota State University Bison, they will get to play an opponent fans are not familiar with. For more for time this season, I get to find out the small facts that make you seem really cool to your friends.

The Towson Tigers play in the Colonial Athletic Association, have a Walter Payton Award Finalist in running back Terrance West and grabbed the chance to play NDSU in the national title game by beating Eastern Washington in the FCS Semi-Finals, 35-31.

Those are the football facts, but the ones that follow are the facts that may or may not have a direct impact to the football team. Use these facts accordingly and around the right crowd.

·   The Towson Tigers play in a stadium called Johnny Unitas Stadium. No, Johnny Unitas never played at Towson nor is he from Towson, Maryland. He was put in charge of finding corporate sponsors for the stadium before he passed away. The school renamed the stadium after the renovations were complete in 2002. In fact, Unitas threw his last public pass in that stadium.

·   For a Maryland resident, it would cost you roughly $40,121 to go to school for all four years at Towson. For an out-of-state student, your tuition would cost you $63,477 over four years.

·   If you went to school in Maryland, chances are your teacher went to school at Towson University. Towson produces the most teachers of university in the state and currently has 21,950 students enrolled in the school, according Wikipedia.

·   This school has the best list of former students and alumni for a Bison opponent yet. Stacy Kiebler and Mike Rowe went to school at Towson. Also, Dwight Schultz, the guy who played Captain Murdock in the A-Team, went to Towson. The town itself is the birthplace of Mel Kiper Jr., Michael Phelps and Don Shula. I am pretty sure I lost all of you at Stacy Kiebler, though.

·   Towson, Maryland has about 55,000 residents and it would take you 20 hours and 1,346 miles to travel from Towson to Fargo. It would take you 19 more miles to travel from Towson to Frisco, Texas. Sounds as if not many Towson fans will be making that trek.

Now that you know more about Towson, and you can unrealistically hope Stacy Kiebler shows up to the title game, you can wow your friends and family with the facts.

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