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What Should You Know

by Dan Gunderson

On Saturday, December 7, the North Dakota State University Bison football team will play host to the Furman University Paladins. What is a Paladin you ask? Good question. I will answer that along with all the other burning questions fans may have about this private South Carolina university.

· A Paladin, according to Wikipedia, was considered a foremost warrior of Charlemagne’s court. Who is Charlemagne? I don’t know. I didn’t pay too much attention in my history class in high school. To help you what a Paladin might look like, here is a picture.

· The nickname did not become the official nickname of the football team until 1963. Prior to that, the football team was called the Hurricanes.

· Furman University is considered one of the most selective private schools in South Carolina. It costs nearly $58,000 to attend the university, according to their website. That is $15,000 more than what you would have to pay to attend Concordia College in Moorhead. Being a Cobber doesn’t look so bad now does it?

· Furman has a student body of 2,662 and was established in 1826. The university is located in Greenville, South Carolina. That is 1,349 miles southeast of Fargo, N.D. Their forecast for Saturday is 68 degrees and mostly cloudy. Fargo’s is 6 degrees below the number zero.

· The Paladins first started playing football in 1889 and have had marginal success over their history. Every Minnesotans favorite fullback, Jerome Felton, went to Furman. One other notable alum is Judy Clarke, an attorney who has represented guys like the Unabomber Ted Kaczynski and Olympic bomber Eric Rudolph.

Hopefully you took some good bits of information from this post. Impress your friends by dropping some knowledge about Furman University on them when you are standing around trying not freeze during tailgating this weekend.

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