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Weekly Video Round-Up: June 27, 2014

by Dan Gunderson

There are so many things about this video that I love but my favorite is the kids reaction after the keyboard drops. This is the same reaction I had in college when a girl at a party told me she would "be right back" and she never came back. They never come back.

This seems like your typical, run-of-the-mill, soccer fans fighting because WE LOVE OUR COUNTRY video. Stay with it until about the 1:00 mark and watch the shirtless dude smoking. This guy is so chill. Even if you tried, you could not be as chill as chill, shirtless, smoking dude.

This is high school sophomore Emmanuel Greene. Greene is a wideout from the state of Florida. Greene will juke you out of house and home. The sidelines react properly to these jukes. These jukes were so sick, they received a scholarship to the University of Miami . Keep juking Emmanuel.

This last video shows that the knuckleball in baseball is the great equalizer. Watch this high school girl dominate some Major League baseball players. Of course, it is the Tampa Bay Rays, so I guess it isn't that big of an accomplishment.

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