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Weekly Video Round-Up: June 20, 2014

by Dan Gunderson

I have seen many a baseball argument play out and not one of them has included the player deciding to run around the bases and then slide into home. He sure did show those umps though.

Now this gives new meaning to the Bad News Bears. Am I right?!?! Guys? Where you going?

This high school graduate has a clever way of showing that he thinks LeBron James is weak.
A couple things. First, I'm surprised some local Fargo TV stations have not gone out to hire an intimidating looking person to just find People Behaving Badly. I mean, this is real journalism. Second, the title of this segment seems like something out of the Onion or Family Guy. Still, you can't help but feel good for Stanley. Karma, man.

The passing of San Diego Padres' great Tony Gwynn brought out some great stories of Gwynn the person and the player. My favorite of these stories came from Keith Oblermann. Just sit back, enjoy and try not cry.

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