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Viral Idiocy

by Dan Gunderson

Yesterday, I had a friend send me a link to a YouTube video entitled “Bison Trash.” Here is the video in question.

The video isn't horrible. The guy didn't spit on the North Dakota State University helmet nor did he directly say the Bison football team is trash. He didn't hire Spielberg to write his script or shoot the video either.

Reality is this thing is just some bad attempt to be clever and it falls short by a mile. However, the guy who appears in this video, Kyle Sirl, has put something out there for NDSU players to use as bulletin board material. It may seem minute but athletes will turn anything into motivation.

It happened earlier this season when Missouri State University freshman LeMarcus Stewart tweeted out the fact that he was not impressed with NDSU after watching tape of them. That tweet, which has since been deleted, was up long enough for some people to see it and pass it around the Internet.

I would be surprised if the freshman, who had seven returns in the Bears’ 41-26 loss to the Bison this year, wasn’t asked if he was still not impressed with NDSU while his team was being shredded by the NDSU offense.

What Stewart did is exactly what Sirl is doing which is creating motivation for an opposing team. My guess is that Sirl, who is a senior defensive end having a solid last season with the Penguins, may be one of the thousands of college athletes who just don’t get it.

These little motivational things athletes post on the internet tend to back fire and come off as a false sense of confidence. Also, these things stay out there FOREVER! Does Sirl and the rest of the lot not understand this?

I am willing to bet his teammates see this and think, “What an idiot.” NDSU is coming off the loss of their leader, Grant Olson, and will be looking for anything to use as motivation. Here it is, on YouTube for everybody to see.

My advice to Sirl is that if you think this things is cute and funny, don’t do that thing. Just skip this and let your talking be done with your play. However, while Billy Turner is flattening you out on the field, don’t get upset when he asks you if you still think NDSU is trash.

Leave these motivational videos to the fans, the real experts of looking foolish.

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