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Sir Paul McCartney

by Dan Gunderson

I have no idea how to start this post. I kept thinking about how to open this post up. I kept thinking of some flowery sentence I could lay out there and nothing felt appropriate. So, I will start with a simple fact:

I went to the Paul McCartney at the Fargodome.

I went there thinking nothing much of the former Beatle. I left thinking how blessed I was to have watched a former Beatle.

When people talk about the "energy" of a show, they talk about how much the performer on stage brings to the concert. Justin Timberlake brought energy to his show. Luke Bryan brought energy to his show. I didn't feel like McCartney brought energy.

The crowd brought the energy. Knowing more than half of his songs on his setlist, the crowd reacted justly to his choice of song. It didn't matter what the tune was. Whether it was Blackbird, Hey Jude or Eleanor Rigby. The crowd was ready.

Sir Paul didn't have to do much to turn the crowd into a frenzy. Whether it was a flick of his wrist, or a simple bow. He knew that they appreciated his talents. His songs.

I didn't realize I would enjoy his performance as much as I would. I went there thinking I would dip out early. I told my fiancee that we could probably leave within the first couple songs. And then McCartney started to sing.

First song, Eight Days a Week, captivated me. It might have helped that the person I watched the concert with is an insane McCartney fan. He might have passed the McCartney bug onto me. Who knows.

Regardless, I was hooked. I texted my fiancee saying we couldn't leave. I could not pass up the opportunity to watch a former Beatle perform and she agreed. So, thankfully, we stuck it out.

What made this concert so great was not so much the songs McCartney played but more so that those in attendance knew they were watching a living piece of history. A man who played in a band that changed the history of music.

The Beatles were famous not only because they played great music, but they wrote it. It was an oddity to see a group write and sing their own material back in their time. The Beatles did and it wasn't half bad. Fact was that the songs they wrote were amazing.

And now, still all these years later, we stand in a Fargodome singing along with an original Beatle. What an honor.

I know that as I write this, I sound worship like. However, you need to appreciate what Paul McCartney does to appreciate what you listen to now days.

McCartney and the Beatles set the precedent on what all artist are now expected to do. Write and perform you music. It wasn't fluff. It was solid lyrics and solid tunes.

McCartney delivered on Saturday. He was everything you could expect him to be.

I walked into the Fargodome thinking I would want to leave within minutes. I left wishing I could stay and listen to McCartney just a little bit longer.

We witnessed history at the Fargodome on Saturday night I hoped we all appreciated it.

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