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Shoulder The Blame

by Dan Gunderson

One of my good friends asked me via Twitter the other day who I thought would get blamed if the North Dakota State University football team were to lose on Saturday to Coastal Carolina University.

My answer was an easy and quick one: Craig Bohl. If Brock Jensen throws three interceptions on Saturday, it was because Craig Bohl caused him not to focus. If the Bison defense gives up 35 points, it was because Craig Bohl took a job at Wyoming. If the BIson play a great game but lose0s on a last second field goal, it was because Craig Bohl.

That is going to be the overwhelming sentiment with fans and possibly media on Saturday. Head coach Craig Bohl has put this on himself by accepting the job at Wyoming. Is it fair? Absolutely not but it is going to be what people will say. Even if NDSU is to win but not win dominantly, people will talk.

I would like to believe that coach Bohl understands that is what fans will say and it will be asked by the media if his taking a job and the way the announcement came out caused a distraction to the players.

It is such a weird situation, where Craig Bohl is essentially the head coach of two schools at the same time. I cannot think of a time this has happened. I know it has but it is rare. So many tangents and storylines can be drawn from this scenario but I would believe that coach Bohl being blamed for a loss would be the first thing out of NDSU fan’s mouths on Saturday.

They won’t take into account the fact that NDSU is playing at their earliest start time of the year and athletes, especially football players, are creatures of habit. Don’t take into account that this Coastal Carolina team was one of three remaining unbeatens late into the season.

They will not factor in that NDSU has not fared well against running quarterbacks, which is what CCU possess. Finally, don’t take into account that maybe, on this particular Saturday, the Chanticleers were just a better football team and beat NDSU straight up. Just blame the coach.

It would be a sad way to end his illustrious career at NDSU but that is what he has set himself up with. It won’t be deserved but it will be what takes place and that is unfortunate.

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