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Ramblings... 07/08/2014

by Dan Gunderson

Local - North Dakota Shrine Bowl

I have never really paid that much attention to the North Dakota Shrine Bowl. It always felt foreign to me to have a football game in July. Especially a high school football game. This year might be a little different.

This year's edition, which takes place on Sunday, July 13, features all six North Dakota State University football recruits from the state of North Dakota. Erich Bachmeier of Kindred is the only player from the East.

The other five, Luke Bacon of Granville, Stanley Jones of Bismarck, Tanner Volson of Balfour, Levi Hoiby of Powers Lake and Levi Jordheim of Dickinson, all will play for the West. Bacon and Volson will be on the 9-Man West squad.

I would pay special attention to these six, especially Bacon and Volson, since both are offensive lineman coming onto a team in desperate need of depth in the trenches. My favorite two players out of this group are Bachmeier and Jones.

I have seen a handful of basketball games Bachmeier has played in and know what kind of athlete he can be for the Bison football team. Jones was a beast for Bismarck High as a pass rusher and he was by far the best defensive player in the N.D. Class AAA State Title game aginst Fargo South this year.

Regional - The Minnesota Twins Don't Know Pitching

A couple things have come to light for the Minnesota Twins in the past few days. The first has to deal with Ricky Nolasco and his sore elbow. Evidently, the guy has been dealing with it for the ENTIRE SEASON! He neglected to tell anybody because dude is tough and he can pitch through and other macho BS. Or, at least, I assume that is his reason.

The second is this little story about Vance Worley . Did you read that? Okay, now go pick up whatever it is you just threw across the room. The Twins didn't notice a flaw in Worley's mechanics. Which is acceptable if Worley is throwing for his town team in Southern Minnesota and his coach is his cousin Frank. You can't expect Frank to be so intuitive.

But, to have a MAJOR LEAGUE PITCHING COACH who was BROUGHT BACK not to notice something as major as a MECHANICS ISSUE, that would be deemed as unacceptable. Do you know how much Rick Anderson is getting paid right now? Too much.

So, now the Twins have the wealth of pitching prospects at Triple A. I'm super concerned to have them come to the majors to pitch for Rick Anderson because they guy wouldn't notice anything wrong.

"Coach, I feel like I am not getting enough zip on my fastball. Have you noticed anything wrong in my mechanics?"

"Wow. You just said a bunch of stuff that I have not the first clue about. Let us start back at the beginning. What is a fastball?"

"I'll just go talk to somebody else."

National - LeBron James Runs The NBA

I know that there is a Commissioner of the NBA and I think they have some kind of system in place for guys to hold titles that seem really important. I am also 50 percent positive that teams have owners and general managers as well. That doesn't matter though because LeBron James runs all of your teams.

James, of course, is the hottest free agent since Marilyn Monroe. (Man, I hope people get that joke.) Teams, players and even media are waiting to see what James does with his talents. South Beach or Ohio? Or, perhaps, Southern Cali?

I can tell you this, whatever team he lands with, I think it will be the Heat, will be automatic favorites to A) win the NBA Title next year and B) land players well past their prime just looking to collect a ring before they retire. I truly love the NBA off-season.

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