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Ramblings... 06/04/2014

by Dan Gunderson

Local - When Will He Leave?

Fans of North Dakota State University athletics have enjoyed unprecedented success over the last several years from not only the football team, but many other sports. At the helm of most of this is Athletic Director Gene Taylor.

Taylor was in charge of hiring head coaches like Craig Bohl (football), Tod Brown (baseball) and Saul Phillips (basketball). All have had great success and two of the three have moved on to higher paying jobs. While these three are just small examples, they serve notice that Taylor really knows what he is doing when it comes to hiring coaches.

You also have an AD that has helped usher a program into the Division I era, bring new athletic buildings to the campus and finally put into motion the much needed upgrade of the Bison Sports Arena.

Taylor has gone above and beyond what he was asked to do since he became NDSU's AD back in 2001. What's next? Perhaps, just like two of his highest profile coaches, maybe a jump up. A bigger school with a larger budget. In terms of career trajectory, it makes sense.

Regional - Twins Starting Pitching

The Minnesota Twins' starting pitching has been hit or miss (pun intended) this season. Phil Hughes has been stellar while Kyle Gibson has shown flashes of being solid but cannot put it together on the road. Samuel Deduno is doing just enough while Ricky Nolasco has grinded his way through 11 starts.

Knowing those four are most likely going to be in the rotation for the remainder of June and July, barring injury, my question is when will we see Trevor May or Alex Meyer get the call up from AAA? Kevin Correia and Mike Pelfrey are not in the Twins future, meaning they are trade commodities for the Twins.

I would love to see both May and Meyer up before the end of the season and would really love to see both Correia and Pelfrey moved before the trading deadline. The Twins are not going to go to the playoffs this year and May and Meyer are the future of Twins pitching. Giving them a shot at the end of this season will give Twins fans a reason to come to the ball park in September when the Twins are about 10 games out of the playoff race.

National - NBA & NHL Finals

Here we are at the beginning of June and the NBA and NHL are finally wrapping up their unreasonably long seasons. The Los Angeles Kings and the New York Rangers will battle it out for the Stanley Cup in what most likely will be a battle of top tier goaltenders.

The Rangers Henrik Lundqvist versus the Kings Jonathan Quick. My money is on Lundqvist since he has been the more consistent goalie in these playoffs. Rangers take this series in six.

In the NBA, you have a re-match of last year's epic seven game series between the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs are better this season than they were last year and the Heat are just a little bit worse. However, the Heat have LeBron James, so that pretty much trumps everything.

I think the Heat win this series in six games, even if Tony Parker's bum ankle does not hinder his play.

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