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Ramblings... 05/14/2014

by Dan Gunderson

Local - North Dakota State University Basketball Finds A Home

With ongoing renovations of the Bison Sports Arena, the NDSU men's basketball team has struck a deal with Scheels Arena. The Arena will host the Bison the next two seasons and I think both parties will enjoy this arrangement.

The BSA could be, at times, a tough place to get to as you have to weave through campus streets to park on the South side or fight 19th Avenue and University Drive traffic to park on the North side. You also had yourposterior's worst enemy in those wooden benches and the ever fluctuating temperatures inside the building.

All these things get better playing inside Scheels Arena so I foresee some strong crowds for games against teams like Fort Wayne or IUPUI or Western Illinois.

Regional - Minnesota Wild's Playoff Run Ends

It was fun to watch while it lasted and sad to see it go. Much like that high school girlfriend you had no reason being with, you enjoyed the heck out of it because you knew it wasn't going to last.

What becomes more apparent to me are these two things. 1) The Wild now have move fans interested in them for next season. 2) They are a young team that will keep those new fans around for awhile.

If the Wild continue to make the playoffs and continue to push forward with their success, they will become a very popular team not only in the Twin Cities, bu tin the region.

National - Michael Sam

The people who were grossed out about Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend are the same people who think that their wives getting jobs is a bit too progressive. If you have a problem with it, turn it off.

I don't care who the guy loves and neither should the team that drafted him, the St. Louis Rams. What I care about is can he play? And even if he can, will he be enough for people to start accepting that there are some tremendous athletes that are also gay?

To answer the last question, unless Sam becomes a 10-time Pro Bowler who is so good he cannot be ignored, it won't make a difference. Odds are against him for making a 53-man roster in the NFL. He will be a nice story about social acceptance until he is no longer in the league.

Then, he will just be a "remember that guy..." story.

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