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Ramblings... 04/29/2014

by Dan Gunderson

Local - What We Learned From Spring Game

North Dakota State University will have to figure out who their number two running back will be for the 2014 season. At the end of the 2013 season, it seemed Chase Morlock was going to be that guy. Now, after the Spring Game, Darius Anderson has thrown his name into that ring.

We can't forget that King Frazier, a transfer from the University of Nebraska, is another option for the number two this season. Frazier did not participate in the Spring Game due to injury but will be ready to go come fall camp.

Why is this such a big deal? The Bison have a history of splitting carries, especially in the last three years, and whoever steps up to be that number two option behind John Crockett will get their fair shot at carrying the ball. This is a nice problem to have if you are NDSU.

Regional - Minnesota Wild Force Game 7

The series between the Colorado Avalanche and Minnesota Wild is possibly the least appreciated playoff series in either the NBA or NHL. The home team has one ever game, three overtime games and another game that saw the Wild beat a six on four advantage for the Avalanche.

The Wild have been able to survive two devastating losses in Game 1 and Game 5. We have also been privy to the emergence of Darcy Kuemper at goalie for the Wild. Since replacing Ilya Bryzgolov to start Game 3, Kuemper has been remarkable.

While this Game 7 is not the biggest Game 7 in franchise history, it is one that can help revitalize a regional fan base that has been desperate for a winner from any of their major sports teams. The Wild have a great opportunity and hopefully they seize it.

National - Donald Sterling Is ARacist

That headline is not exactly news nor should it be. You look at the history of Sterling and you find manyinstanceswhere he has made comments that are not exactly flattering to a different race. You could chalk it up to his upbringing but I chalk it up to him being a rich,ignorantblowhard who would be better served spending his days paying someone to clean up his drool rather than owning an NBA team.

Once I got past the baffling stupidity of the recorded conversation between him and his girlfriend/mistress, the one where he tells her she can sleep with Magic Johnson, just don't bring him to my games, I started to realize this person has damaged the current product of the NBA in a different way.

People are now starting to concentrate more on him than this year's NBA Playoffs. These playoffs have been some of the best in recent memory, with the mostly every series being competitive and full of great basketball. Instead of these playoff series being the headlines, we have to sit and watch as media outlets across the nation spend hours dissecting and commenting on some buffoon.

I hate you Donald Sterling.