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Ramblings... 04/23/2014

by Dan Gunderson

Local - NDSU 2014 Spring Game

One of the effects from the North Dakota State University football team having the type of success they have had is the build up to the Spring Game. This year is no different and is one, I would argue, you might actually want to go to.

It will be interesting to see the attendance because of NDSU losing so many players from last year's team. Perhaps fans will want to see who they might be cheering for next season as NDSU tries to defend their three straight national titles.

In the end, the Spring Game means fans getting familiar with new names and scratching that football itch that has been building since January.

Regional - Timberwolves Looking For New Coach

The Minnesota Timberwolves might be the least followed major sports team in the region but their off-season will be one of high interest. With the retirement of Rick Adelman, the Wolves are in the market for a new coach. Names like Tom Izzo and Richard Pitino have been thrown out there.

The Wolves will have to decide whether they want a coach for the long haul or a coach that can get the most out of the Wolves for one season. Reason being, the Wolves will most likely go into a rebuilding mode after the 2014-15 season with the imminent departure of Kevin Love.

Because of that, the Wolves may go all in this year in the hopes of somehow convincing Love they are a legitimate playoff team. That is why I see the Wolves going after a coach with experience. Flip Saunders perhaps?

National - NBA or NHL Playoffs

Both of these leagues have their playoffs going on at the same time, but the NBA tends to dominate the national headlines more than the NHL. I find this to be a large error in judgement by many media outlets.

Sure, basketball as a sports has a much larger following but the NHL playoffs are far more entertaining. The difference in talent between an eight and a one seed in hockey is not as a great as it is in basketball. Also, this season, the NHL is pitting teams from the same region against each other, making it easier for the common sports fan to get excited about the hockey playoffs.

Would we care that much if the Tampa Bay Lightning took on the Columbus Blue Jackets? Hardly. But, because the NHL decided to take teams that were geographically similar and pit them against each other, we are given a more intense brand of hockey. I love that idea and that is why, to me, the NHL playoffs are more entertaining.

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