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Ramblings... 04/08/2014

by Dan Gunderson

Local Saul Phillips Takes Head Coaching Job At Ohio University

I wrote about this at length and how his moving on to a different job is beneficially for the school. Somebody on Facebook brought up a point which I want to address. What about the recruits Phillips went after? Do they follow him to Ohio University?

Good question. It was the same question raised by people when Craig Bohl left for the University of Wyoming. Answer to that question is Dave Richman. If he becomes the next head coach, I believe recruits will stay committed to NDSU. Reason being is familiarity with the name.

Same reason a majority of the football recruits stayed with NDSU is because Chris Klieman took over as head coach. They knew the name and knew that NDSUs philosophy, defensively and offensively, was not going to change. If Richman becomes next head coach, recruits will stay put.

Regional Hockey To Reign Supreme This Week

For all those University of Minnesota and University of North Dakota hockey fans who have had to endure the praises being thrown North Dakota State Universitys way, you final get your moment in the sun. After seeing NDSU dominate the headlines in the sports pages because of their basketball and football success, the Gophers and UND fans in the region can enjoy their teams spotlight for the week.

Hockey is what these two colleges do, possibly better than anyone in the nation. They also tend to dislike each other, which makes Thursday nights semi-final Frozen Four game that much better. The Gophers seem to be the heavy favorite but dont buy into that at all.

Ive said it before and I will say it again, this is must watch television for any sports fans, especially those who live within the region of these two schools. This is the time of the year for these programs and it is fun to see them back in the Frozen Four.

National UCONN Takes Title

Im surprised that the University of Connecticut was able to take the mens basketball title in college basketball this season. A majority of us were. What is not surprising is how they did it: with great guard play, especially by Final Four MOP Shabazz Napier.

You think back to some great guard play that led to titles with Juan Dixon at Maryland or Kemba Walker in 2011 for that UCONN Huskies team. Napier made plays, either through rebounding, passing or shooting, that led his team to the title.

It was fun for me to watch because my favorite position in basketball is the point guard position. Napier played it so well over the last three weeks that you couldnt help but just sit back and enjoy. I know it made the students in Storrs, Connecticut go absolutely crazy.

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