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North By North Of Who Cares

by Dan Gunderson

While I was on vacation most of this week, I saw tweets coming out about North Dakota State University head coach Craig Bohl and current offensive coordinator Brent Vigen heading to the northwest to do some recruiting for Wyoming on December 21 and 22.

In other news, I don’t like eggnog that much, White Christmas is my favorite Christmas movie (seriously) and Indiana Jones is the best movie trilogy ever. See what I am getting at here? Who cares. Honestly. At this point, we all understand where Bohl’s focus is at. It is in Laramie, Wyoming.

Sure, he will where wear the green and yellow colors one more time on January 4th in Frisco, Texas and will be a Bison for one more day. However, once those 60 minutes run out, he will only be present for the victory, or defeat, in body. Not in mind.

And it doesn’t matter with this team. I think they have proven that in the last couple games with back-to-back dominating wins. They know that what they are doing will only further solidify coach Bohl’s legacy with NDSU but why should they care.

They have done enough as individuals to create their own legacy. They are also seasoned enough to go out and execute a game plan regardless of what the current head coach is doing in his off days.

Billy Turner is not going to miss a block because coach Bohl and Vigen are out recruiting for Wyoming. Brock Jensen is not going to miss a throw on the account that his current offensive coordinator is wondering who will be his quarterback next year in Wyoming.

It would be an odd situation and even awkward if this was any other team. A team built off emotions and not execution of the small details. However, this is not a normal team. This is a team that football coaches go to bed dreaming about.

They are balanced, emotionally stable and a talented at every position. Plus, there is not “I” above the team. They know that for them, the legacy they will leave is as the greatest football squad in school history. Coached by the greatest coach in school history.

To make sure those two things are never put into question, they understand they have to finish the job. They have to three-peat and put a perfect season into the record books. Not Towson, Wyoming or even the northwest is going to put an end to that goal.

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