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My Thought's On NDSU's 91-69 Win Over The University Of Nebraska-Omaha

by Dan Gunderson



·   Didn’t expect to see this many fans come to the game. Bad weather, no school for NDSU and many of the surround high schools. However, it appears he student section is well represented and so are the fans in general admission. I’m impressed.

·   UNO has challenged themselves this non-conference season and has come up with impressive wins against NIU and Nevada on the road. This is no cake walk for the Bison.

First Half

·   TrayVonn Wright for NDSU has come out aggressive. So far, he has taken three 3s and knocked down two of them. If he finds consistency on offense throughout the season, NDSU will be extremely tough to beat.

·   UNO wants to speed up the game. Get in the open floor but you can’t do that if you are constantly turning the ball over. UNO had three turnovers before the first media timeout.

·   Marshall Bjorklund with a crazy And-1 hoop. Got undercut by Mike Rostampour of UNO as he went up for the dunk. The ball bounced off the rim, went up in the air, hit the glass and came down through the hoop. He didn’t make his free throw.

·   NDSU is causing problems for UNO. Mavs having trouble rotating and have left NDSU with open shots. A Taylor Braun three prompted an early timeout from Coach Derrin Hansen.

·   Jordan Aaberg playing some inspired defense. Doing great job when switched onto a guard of staying in front and not getting beat.

·   NDSU getting points off of turnovers. It is one thing to create takeaways but another to be able to capitalize on them.

·   NDSU’s Carlin Dupree had a beautiful play on a rebound. In mid-air, he tip passed a ball to a waiting Wright, who was right under the basket and dunked home the ball.

·   Drum player for NDSU pep band has gray hair. Looks about my age. I’m freaked out.

·   Bjorklund picked up his 2nd personal foul with 8:43 to go in the first half. Coach Saul Phillips most likely will have him sit the rest of the half.

·   At the final media timeout of the half, UNO players Mike Rostampour and Justin Simmons had a heated exchange as they headed towards their bench. We will see if they can calm down as the game goes on.

·   UNO is knocking down threes in this first half and that is the only reason they are still in this game so far.

·   UNO and NDSU had a sloppy end to the half. A ton of turnovers to end the first half and it wasn’t pretty.

·   As ugly as UNO was with turning the ball over, NDSU and UNO both had nine turnovers in the first half.

·   UNO head coach Derrin Hansen and one of the referees got into a shouting match at the end of the half. Somebody is going to get a technical in this game. I can feel it.

·   Braun with 11 points in the first half while LA added 10.

·   UNO was lead in scoring by CJ Carter, who had nine points and eight points from Justin Simmons.

·   NDSU outscored UNO with points in the paint, 20-12.

·   Bench scoring again an issue for the Bison. Only had 6 points to UNOs 13. All six came from Aaberg.

·   NDSU did hold a large advantage with 8, 8!, blocked shots in the first half. Both Wright and Kading had two apiece.

Second Half


·   NDSU opens up second half with 8-3 run. Opens up 15 point lead.

·   NDSU had a stretch in the second half where they got nine straight points from bench players. Sure, I obsess with bench scoring but that is NDSU’s biggest weakness.

·   NDSU dominated the second half and the game really had no flow.

·   The biggest thing to take away from the second half was the bench production.

·   NDSU ended the game with 13 turnovers.

·   They also had six players score in double figures.

·   NDSU also ended up with 11 team blocks, 17 team assists and 38 rebounds.

·   Taylor Braun led NDSU with 20 points, LA chipped in 14, Felt dropped in 13, Bjorklund had 11 and both Wright and Brown had 10 points.

·   For UNO, they got 21 points from Justin Simmons. They also had 16 points from CJ Carter.

·   UNO was out scored in the paint 42-24.

·   NDSU went to the line 23 times and knocked down 19 of them.

·   With the win, NDSU moves to 13-5 overall, 2-1 in the Summit League while UNO falls to 10-7 overall and 0-2 in the Summit.

Post Game

·   Aaberg on his aggressiveness on offense. “I try to be aggressive with my offense when Marshall is out.”

·   Aaberg has had issues in the past with injuries and said he is healthy as he has ever been.

·   Aaberg said that blocks don’t come from individual effort alone. Said the defenders need to be in the right position so help side defenders cam come and swat shots.

·   UNO may have been the second highest ranked team RPI wise in the Summit but they are definitely not the second best team in the Summit.

·   UNO has team speed. I can see where that would cause issues for teams if you are not prepared for it. I think, however, they will struggle in League play because teams will be more familiar with them.

·   NDSU head coach Saul Phillips loved the energy but felt the decision making was questionable. Said UNO was a good team. Lot of fight in them.

·   Phillips said that the leading the country in field goal percentage is more of a product of getting good shots.

·   Phillips felt that Aaberg always has it in him to be the type of scorer he was tonight. Said his back has cooperated with him this season and that has allowed him to practice.

·   He said Aaberg’s other big game came against Utah Valley this season, where Marshall Bjorklund got ejected, which he thought it was a bad call.

·   Thought the number of blocks was a product of the team playing with a high motor.

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