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My Thought's On NDSU's 48-14 Victory Over Coastal Carolina University

by Dan Gunderson


· Crowd did not boo Craig Bohl, which I was not surprised at.

· Energy in the building probably at the highest level it has been at since Ga. Southern last season. And this is an immeasurable emotion I am talking about so it is a personal opinion.

· Talk of Grant Olson possibly suiting up and playing in this game. Didn’t happen but he was warming up like he would play in the pre-game.

First Quarter

· NDSU’s defense started the game out with two blitzes on three downs and forced a three and out.

· NDSU’s first offensive possession was impressive. Led by Brock Jensen threw the air and on the ground. Last pass of the drive, however, was a little bit behind Vraa. Karmon Summers of CCU was able to knock it out of Vraa’s hands.

· First two offensive possessions for CCU and I am noticing they are already going to struggle with the athleticism up front of NDSU. Littlejohn said as much to me earlier this week when I asked him if CCU’s size was a worry. He told me that the defensive front would attack it with their athleticism.

· CCU’s Kevin Hart puts late hit on NDSU’s Cole Jirik. Didn’t see the play but it looked as if Jirik was a bit out of sorts. Wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t make it back in.

· Sam Ojuri made one cut and was gone on his 73-yard TD run. Funny to see Ojuri in even since Crockett and Ojuri usually flip-flop on possessions and he was the opening drive running back.

· NDSU’s defensive line in the first three series is playing with the type of attitude that would make it appear CCU may not see the field past midfield.

· On the flip side, NDSU has about twelve people open on every play they call. Touchdown run for Brock Jensen was so open that he could have back pedaled in.

· NDSU out gained CCU in the first quarter 219 to 29. NDSU didn’t even attempt a punt in the first quarter.

Second Quarter

· CCU averages 491 yards per game. With 13:15 to go in the first half, they only have 30 yards of total offense.

· NDSU already into the “second half” offense. Not snapping the ball until five or six seconds on the play clock. They are already starting this with 13 minutes to go in the first half.

· There is a scene in “Remember the Titans” Coach Yoast tells his team to blitz all night and explains that he does not want them to gain another yard. I get the impression somebody told NDSU this before the game.

· I said before the game that NDSU would win and the only way CCU stays in the game is if they scored on every offensive possession. NDSU now just melting clock with their offensive play calling. By the way, NDSU is a second half team.

· NDSU gave up a 76 yard scoring drive to CCU but responded with a field goal right before the half. NDSU up 34-7 at the break.

· NDSU gave up 111 yards of offense in the first half, 76 of those on one drive.

· Alex Ross, the QB for CCU, actually starting running the ball. If CCU wants any chance in this game, he needs to continue to do that.

· You tend to forget how good kicker Adam Keller is since NDSU rarely uses him from long distances but he had room to spare on his 48-yard field goal to end the half.

Third Quarter

· NDSU started out the second half with the ball but were denied points and had to punt after six plays. CCU turned around and drove the ball from their 11 to the end zone, cutting NDSU’s 27 point lead down to 20.

·  Ojuri has received a bulk of the carries in this game. I have seen him out there on back-to-back series more often in this game than I have all season long.

· With 2:20 to go in the third quarter, Jensen went down awkwardly on his shoulder. Was down for awhile and NDSU had to bring Carson Wentz in for a play.

· Bison ended up with 295 yards rushing in three quarters. Up front, it isn’t even close. There is no penetration from the front four of CCU.

· Sam Ojuri might get to 175 yards on the ground today. Impressive outing for him. He is one of those big game backs. Tends to come up with big games in big time situations.

Fourth Quarter

· Jensen comes out on the first play of the quarter and throws a touchdown to Zach Vraa. Pass was a 31-yard TD reception. Vraa’s 13 of the season.

· Christian Dudzik, who is the better coverage safety between him and Heagle, comes up with an interception. His fourth of the season, which leads the team.

· Derrick Lang getting some late game carries as NDSU’s offense continues to roll.

· Colten Heagle down on the sidelines with his left arm in a sling for the entire second half. My guess is that his shoulder injury is a bit more serious than first assumed. The worst would be a broken collarbone. At best, maybe a dislocation or separation. That way, hope he could be back for one more game at least.

· Will be curious to hear what the reason is behind the lack of carriers for Crockett. Maybe NDSU just felt that Ojuri was running better this week in practice.

· Christian Dudzik ends up with his second pick of the game. Now with five so far this year. Not surprised at that. Williams has been hurt the back half of the season and teams tend to avoid throwing to his side.

· Next week will be the last home game for Craig Bohl in his career at NDSU.

· NDSU wins this one going away, 48-14, over Coastal Carolina University. They will move on to play the winner of the Southeastern Louisiana vs. New Hampshire game.

· People wondering about whether or not NDSU will get the Friday primetime game on ESPN2. Here is how I see it playing out.

· The chances they get it depend on who they play and who plays in the bottom bracket. If Jacksonville State pulls the upset and beats EWU, 100 percent chance ESPN2 will carry the NDSU game.

· If it is EWU vs. Towson, and NDSU is playing New Hampshire, there will be a 75 percent chance NDSU will be on ESPN.

· If it is EWU vs. Towson and NDSU is playing SE Louisiana, I say 60 percent chance NDSU plays on ESPN2.

· Any way you look at it, NDSU has a great chance of getting the ESPN2 game.


· NDSU’s Sam Ojuri ended up with 162 yards and two touchdowns. He ended up with 11 more carries than John Crockett. It was made apparent to Ojuri earlier in the week that he may get more carriers in this game. No particular reason.

· Bohl and the team said the coaching situation was not a distraction this week. At one point during the press conference, Bohl said he was done taking questions about the job situation.

· CCU’s quarterback Alex Ross said he didn’t believe that the crowd was a factor and that Montana’s crowd was louder than NDSU’s.

· Joe Moglia, head coach for CCU, said he believed NDSU could make a game of it against South Carolina. He didn’t believe they would win.

· Jensen ran for 75 yards and two scores, threw for 187 yards and two scores.

· NDSU held onto the ball for 39 minutes and 45 seconds.

· CCU was 1 for 9 on third down.

· Bohl said after the game that they will see where players like Heagle and Jirik are physical. Said he hopes they will be able to go next week.

· Bohl does not anticipate Olson to play next week but did say Olson is working to try and make it back if NDSU is fortunate enough to continue to play.

· Jensen said he did not hurt his shoulder but he got his bell rung. Said he had some fuzzy vision after taken a big hit. However, he said there were no concussion symptoms and he was able to go back out there.

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