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Might Be Of Interest

by Dan Gunderson

We have names of those who have applied to be the next head coach of the University of North Dakota football team. You can click on the Mike McFeely So Many Opinions, So Little Time blog on kfgo.com to see the names

I understand that the process is very early on but you have to hope this list gets deeper. Right now, the only candidate I take seriously, by what UND has put out there, is Nicholas Siciliano. Former NFL coach and former Big 10 coach. Also was at Youngstown State University for awhile as a student coach under Jim Tressel.

Otherwise, the names are not going to jump right off the page. And, remember, those looking to apply, have until December 10. I am guessing we are going to see more names with more experience and hopefully somebody that stands out to UND fans.

Don't get the idea that you are going to see the offensive coordinator from Oregon apply to this job. That is not how it is going to work. The only reason North Dakota State University was able to have current head coach Craig Bohl apply for the job was because he got fired from the University of Nebraska.

A question I have is what does UND expect? I know they put some criteria forward but do they have their guy in mind and is he on this list? My guess is no. My guess is that he is still out there, perhaps, in Pittsburgh. (Brooks Bollinger for those who didn't pick up on the subtle hint)

Don't get too excited and don't get too down on this list. Let it grow and check back in a couple weeks to see what has changed. My guess, the guy you want, UND wants and is the best fit will find their way onto the list.