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Makes Sense If...

by Dan Gunderson

This evening, reports filled the Twitter world with rumors that the North Dakota State University head coach Craig Bohl would be leaving for the University of Wyoming to be their football team’s head coach.

Bruce Feldman of cbssports.com was one of the first who came out with the news. Immediately, everybody started to react. What? Why? Wyoming? That is so stupid!?!

To me, the move initially seemed really odd. Why Wyoming? Not really a football school in a conference that is going nowhere fast. The Mountain West, which is the conference Wyoming is a part of, just lost their most recognizable head coach in Chris Peterson from Boise State.

Peterson just left to go coach the Washington Huskies of the Pac 12. So, now the MWC has really nothing to define it by. It would seem like a lateral if not a backwards move for Bohl.

However, there are rumors out there that Wyoming will move to the Big 12, which is a BCS conference. This would instantly make the move for Bohl a smart decision on his part. Still don’t believe me? Think of it like this.

First, you will be the only FBS program in the state. Bohl will have the same advantage he had at NDSU when it comes to recruiting in small towns. Even if these on fringe players could get a scholarship somewhere small, they may want to be a preferred walk-on at Wyoming. Play for the school that they grew up watching and rooting for.

Two, if Wyoming makes the move, they are not going to expect to be competitive for awhile. That gives Bohl to build a team to his liking.

Three, the exposure from playing in the Big 12 is going to be an unbelievable recruiting tool for bigger recruits. Especially if the Cowboys are able to pull of some upsets as the build the program up.

Finally, the money. There is an unreal amount of money to be had and made within the Big 12. You also have the fact that if Bohl is successful at Wyoming, they will pony up the money to keep him happy.

The timing of the decision makes me believe that there is something much bigger brewing behind the scenes that we are not yet officially aware of. Why leave for a bad program in a bad conference in the middle of a playoff run?

Again, this is a lot of what ifs but to me, it all makes sense. If it comes out that, no, in fact, Wyoming will be staying in the MWC, than I do not understand the move.

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