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Is The Best Football Really In The South?

by Dan Gunderson

The Bison football team earned their place in college football history on Saturday, January 4th in Frisco, Texas with a 35-7 victory over Towson University in the FCS National Championship game.

They also were a part of some college football history when Florida State University beat Auburn University 34-31 in the BCS National Championship game. With the victory, FSU completed the undefeated season and completed the first time in NCAA history that all five divisions of college football had undefeated teams as national champions.

The person who pointed this out is actually a guy who blogs for sbnation.com’s Kansas State University section. Go figure!

Why this fact went mostly ignored by the national media is because four of the five schools do not fall in what people have been led to believe as “football country.” Florida State is in the heart of “football country” but the other champions, NDSU, Northwest Missouri State, Wisconsin-Whitewater and Grand Valley Grand View.

When we think of college football, we tend to think of the SEC and the southern states but it would appear that outside of Florida, the Midwest is actually the dominate part of the nation when it comes to college football.

Grand Valley Grand View is located in Des Moines, Iowa, Northwest Missouri State is located in Maryville, Missouri, which is about an hour away from Nebraska and about 20 minutes from Iowa. NDSU and Wisconsin-Whitewater are both self explanatory in location.

For the Grand Valley Grand View Vikings, the NAIA National Champions, 57 players on the varsity roster are from Iowa. For Wisconsin-Whitewater, the Division III National Champions, nearly all of their roster comes from either Illinois or Wisconsin.

Northwest Missouri State, the Division II National Champions, has half of their roster comprised of players from Kansas or Nebraska. NDSU is comprised of players from Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin.

I think that all of these teams have quietly debunked the theory that the best players come from the south. I think what they have proved are the best football players truly come from the Midwest. Maybe the rest of the country will catch on to this.

Editor's Note: It is not Grand Valley University but Grand View University. Apologies for the mistake.

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