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First Round Reaction

by Dan Gunderson

It seemed that fans of the Minnesota Vikings were upset that when their team's pick came up in the 2014 NFL Draft, they didn't pick quarterback Johnny Manziel. Frankly, I was surprised they didn't take Manziel.

The bottom line in the NFL is making money and nobody in this year's draft will sell more merchandise, tickets, etc... than Manziel. Not that the Vikings are hurting for money, but it would have been nice to have Manziel to bridge the gap between the Metrodome and new stadium.

Regardless, going with linebacker Anthony Barr is not the end of the world. After watching the reaction on Twitter, I tweeted out that I wanted Vikings fans to remember their reaction to the Barr selection when he becomes an All-Pro and Manziel is out of the league.

I have no idea if it is going to turn out that way but I really hope so. People over react to a name being called WAY too much in the draft. And, frankly, that is all these guys are until their time comes. Just a name.

In the meantime, I want to calm your fears with this highlight video from Barr's days at the University of California, Los Angeles.

The second first round pick the Vikings came up with, Teddy Bridgewater from the University of Louisville, was accomplished because of some aggression from the Vikings front office.

They saw Bridgewater still available and knew they could give something up to sneak back into the first round to get the quarterback. Bridgewater, a player many "experts" had as being the top quarterback in the draft before his pro day, fell very far down the draft as Blake Bortles and Manziel were picked before him.

Now, Bridgewater is in a situation where he won't be expected to start right away with Matt Cassel in front of him for at least the next year. With a team still putting the pieces together around him, Bridgewater should get his shot to prove himself after his first or second year in the league.

I like the way the Vikings went about making their picks in the first round. They addressed the defense and they had patience with the quarterbacks, making an aggressive move at the end.

Here are some Teddy Bridgewater highlights for you Vikings fans to enjoy.

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