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Email Conversations: FCS Playoff Pick 'Em Semi-Finals

by Dan Gunderson

Dan Gunderson

Dec 18 (2 days ago)

Dear Bradley,

Well, last week went poorly for you. After closing to within in a game of me, you have fallen behind after getting both your picks incorrectly. I am sorry, but no Waterboy references for you. Currently, you are 4-6 while I am 7-3. The only way you can catch me is if you get every pick right and I get every pick wrong this week.

To make sure this can happen, we are going to change up the rules a bit. You will get to pick the same games that I do. We start with the first Semi-Final game on Friday night between NDSU and the University of New Hampshire.

Brock Jensen said it best last week when he said the world would have to end to distract this team. Bison win.

Bradley Jones

2:49 PM (19 hours ago)


To me,

Man I hate losing. Especially to you. At least I can take solace in the fact that I'm going to beat you in our ongoing wagers. And that I'm better looking. With 0% confidence I select New Hampshire to win the game just because it's the only chance I have to catch you. Please send any hate mail to Eastern Illinois for not being able to tackle Terrance West last weekend. I feel dirty even pressing send on this.

Dan Gunderson

2:53 PM (19 hours ago)

To Bradley,

Speaking of not tackling, How about a game that is going to break all kinds of scoring records and make defensive coordinators wonder what their purpose in life is between EWU and Towson. Frankly, as much as I don't want it to happen, I think Towson will win because they will be the last to score. That is how I see it going down.

Bradley Jones

6:18 PM (16 hours ago)

To me,

I'm going to take Eastern Washington because you didn't, and because I actually think they will win. Towson's had two really good wins but the magic runs out on the red field. NDSU's seniors get a chance to bring it full circle and avenge their only playoff loss in the title game. It really is the way this story needs to end.

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