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Email Conversations: FCS Playoff Pick 'EM Quarterfinals

by Dan Gunderson

Dan Gunderson

Dec 11 (1 day ago)

To Bradley,

Things are getting a little tight in our race for who has the best FCS mind. Last week, you gained a game on me by going 3-1, including picking Jacksonville State over McNeese State. I went 2-2 and now am sitting at 5-3 overall why you are 4-4. So, let us get into this. I will apologize ahead of time for grammatical errors.

Even despite all the off the field noise, I still cannot pick against NDSU in this quarterfinal game against Coastal Carolina. CCU possess a great backfield and rack up a lot of points but as is usually the cause with these teams, have not faced a defense like NDSU's. It won't be a 14 point victory, but it will be a two score victory for the Bison.

Bradley Jones

7:38 PM (18 hours ago)

To me,

On the other part of the bracket, there have been some distractions for the South Central Louisiana State University Mud Dogs. Red Beaulieu turned in the Mud Dogs for having 137 athletes over the course of five years play ineligible, which means not only do the Mud Dogs lose scholarships but sources close to the situation tell me that the Waterboy won't be able to play against New Hampshire. Unless Vicki Vallencourt is able to threaten the NCAA in the next day or two, I don't anticipate him making in time for the second half either. Hopefully Coach Klein will be able to remember some of his plays from the green notebook to get past the distractions and pull out a home victory. Above all else, they better not hold anything back.

Bottom line is, my momma says pick SE Louisiana.

Dan Gunderson

9:17 AM (5 hours ago)

To Bradley,

Okay.............. Anyways, next game up is Eastern Washington vs. Jacksonville State. JSU, the little team that could, will run out of steam against the Eagles and EWU will make it to the FCS Semi-Finals.

Brad Jones

12:37 PM (1 hour ago)

To me,

That's all I get?? I spent more time weaving fact with fiction into that last email than any of my other picks. Maybe that's why I'm only .500. Anyway, give me Eastern Illinois, even though they are going through their own coaching drama. This is exactly what the Bison were lucky to avoid with Coach Bohl leaving, no drawn out process of knowing he's interviewing, waiting and wondering. An EIU victory would set up a big time offensive showdown with EWU if they take care of business. Come on guys, we want to see it! You can do it!!!!

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