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Don't Tell Them You're Better

by Dan Gunderson

The Seattle Seahawks beat the San Francisco 49ers in last night's NFC Championship game 23-17. Just in case everybody forgot that fact because people seem to not be able to understand what this was about.

The social media world could not contain itself. People ran to their computer and smart phones to give their opinion on Sherman's comments. A large majority of them were negative. A favorite term that was thrown at Sherman was classless. 

I loved his comments. They were brash, confident and, above everything, honest. It was a breath a fresh air for me, a guy who has gone to hundreds of press conferences, just to hear a player who has completely dominated another team say things like, "The other team competed with us today." 

Really? They competed? You just beat them by 50. At what point did they compete? Why don't you tell me how you really feel. Sherman did just that. He felt that San Francisco's receiver Michael Crabtree was, in his words, "a sorry receiver."

He had a personal opinion on a player and let the world know. The world did not like it. The world wondered why couldn't Sherman be more like Peyton Manning and give credit to the other team?

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Manning doesn't have respect for all of his opponents. Sure, he will say the right things when the camera is on him, but when he is in the locker room, talking with his teammates, my guess is that he is telling Eric Decker that he can burn said corner because the guy is awful at his job.

You think Manning has respect for the Dallas Cowboys secondary after throwing for 414 yards and four touchdowns against them? Probably not. Sherman just took the trash talk from the field and extended it for an extra minute after the game.

He was fired up. He just made THEE play of the game. A play that probably only Sherman can make.

You can't make that play. I can't make that play. Sherman can. Let him brag about it. I like the fact that the guy thinks he is the best corner in the game and will let everyone know about it. So what? If you think he isn't, prove it.

The worst, or best, thing that will come from all of this is if Manning throws for two touchdowns and bunch of yards against Sherman in the Super Bowl in two weeks. Social media again will blow up with those people out there calling Sherman a punk and saying he got what he deserved.

He called out one player. Not a team or an organization. He didn't say that the 49ers didn't deserve to be in Championship game. He just made a couple comments in emphatic fashion about a player he truly does not respect. 

People, relax. The guy is good. He gets paid millions of dollars for being good. So what if he has a "look at me" type of attitude. Doesn't seem to be effecting his team's play at all. They are in the Super Bowl after all and due in large part to his play.

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