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Coastal Carolina: What Should You Know

by Dan Gunderson

Last week, I wrote up what we need to know about the Furman University Paladins. This week, the North Dakota State University football team gets yet another opponent with a funny nickname! The Coastal Carolina Chanticleers of the Big South Conference

Below are some factoids about Coastal Carolina you can impress your friends, family and that girl from your history class you have wanted to ask out but just have not found the nerve.

·   Coastal Carolina University is located in Conway, South Carolina. Conway has a population of 16,317, is approximately 1,578 miles southeast of Fargo, is located in the Myrtle Beach metropolitan area and the most famous resident is Vanna White. VANNA WHITE!!

·   What is a Chanticleer? It is a rooster. That, of course, is not as cool as a Paladin but the history of logos are pretty awesome. Here is Coastal Carolina’s athletic website explaining the history of the mascot.

·   Coastal Carolina is only in its 11th season as a football team. Same amount of seasons head coach Craig Bohl has been at NDSU.

·   In those 11 years, CCU has produced eight NFL players including current Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Jerome Simpson. Mike Tolbert and Tyler Thigpen also played college football at Coastal Carolina.

·   It would cost you $11,315 to go to CCU if you were an out-of-state student. It costs an out-of-state student $25,344 to go to NDSU.

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