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Can Do No Wrong

by Dan Gunderson

Another Super Bowl week is upon us and it is yet another season without the Minnesota Vikings being relevant on the final week of the NFL season. That opening sentence has nothing to do with this article in the least. I just figured I’d remind the Vikings and their fans that they didn’t make the Super Bowl. Oh, and you guys drafted Christian Ponder in the first round! What an organization! But, I digress.

The Super Bowl is being played in New York City this year. How exciting! Actually, it is in East Rutherford, New Jersey, which is not New York City but what sounds sexier? Want to play in the City that Never Sleeps or, you know, the Borough of Trees?

People are quite perplexed as to why they would put a Super Bowl in a cold climate city like NYC. The stadium, MetLife Stadium, is an outdoor stadium. In previous Super Bowls, games held in cold climate cities have been played at indoor stadiums. Not this season.

Already, it is the main topic of conversation. What if the weather affects the game? Will they ever play another Super Bowl here again? Why are they doing this to the fans and the players? I have one simple answer for you to all of these questions: because they can.

Frankly, the NFL could hold the Super Bowl in the middle of a raging forest fire and you would still watch. The NFL can do no wrong because they are such a massively popular business. They don’t care if the game is going to be played in cold weather. Ads during the Super Bowl will still sell for millions of dollars.

Your butt will be firmly seated on that lazy boy in your buddies’ man cave, eating your second plate of wings before kickoff. The NFL knows this and figured, “Why not put it in NYC. What do we have to lose?” Nothing. They have nothing to lose.

People are not going to stop watching football because there was a Super Bowl held in New York City during a blizzard. The worst thing that could happen to the NFL in this situation is if they have to move the Super Bowl to the next day. People would be really upset, but they’d still watch the game.

You would probably never see another Super Bowl at an outdoor, cold climate stadium. Our conversations ten years from now would be, “Remember when they held the Super Bowl in NYC? Man! That was dumb. All right, who wants to bet on the coin flip?”

It is essentially the same as Warren Buffett offering up a billion dollars to somebody who picks an entire NCAA bracket correctly. The odds are in favor of Buffet and the NFL in these situations. Odds of someone picking a perfect bracket? 9.2 quintillion to one. Odds of the NFL losing fans because of the weather affecting the Super Bowl? Even more minuscule.

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