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Be Happy

by Dan Gunderson

The first names of applicants for the vacant Athletic Director job at North Dakota State University have been released. Nothing too special there. Just names. However, the question that would arise from this is what does the new AD for NDSU have to do to be successful?

That is easy to answer for me. One, maintain success in football. Every other sport will take care of themselves. How does an AD have anything to do with football success?

Well, you help bring in money through fundraising and donations. You also make sure and keep the football team competitive in recruiting by allocating the funds for new weightlifting equipment, training facilities, etc...

The second thing the new AD also needs to restart the rivalry between NDSU and the University of North Dakota in football. Say what you will, and I have, about who needs the game more and why the game doesn't benefit NDSU and so on. You all have great points. Still doesn't trump the fact that the two biggest schools in the state, both Division I schools mind you, do not play football against each other.

It makes as much sense as if Auburn and Alabama didn't each other. Like that would EVER happen .

I think people would generally agree with my first point but several would vehemently disagree with my second point. I have actually heard people say this, I am not joking here, that the new AD needs to move NDSU up to FBS.

Let that sink in for a second.

How do you propose NDSU does this? First off, what conference does NDSU play in and second where do they play? If you said MAC or MWC for the first answer, okay maybe. If you said Fargodome for the second answer, I am done talking to you.

NDSU doesn't even rank in the top five for average attendance in FCS. The only reason that their overall attendance has been so high the last three years is because they have played three additional home games each year.

Those additional home games won't be there every year.

If NDSU were to move to FBS, they would rank third to last in stadium capacity. They also would have to build a completely new stadium in order to increase capacity. That would cost so much money, NDSU may never see revenue for the football team for years.

You also have the fact that they would be playing in a bad conference for a chance to make a bad bowl game each year. It would be decades, DECADES, before NDSU would ever be relevant in football again.

So, no, moving to FBS is not the next move for the next NDSU AD. And NDSU fans should just let that dream/thought go. Just be happy that NDSU is the premier program in FCS and they have cemented themselves as such for years to come.

Be happy that NDSU has help put the state in the minds of a nation as much more than just a cold state where that one movie takes place.

Just, you know. Be Happy.

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