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No Love for .05

by Jerry Bader

Absent federal blackmail over highway funds, I don't seen this attitude changing anytime soon. I've argued all along that the ultimate goal is .00, absolutely sobriety.  In fact, I'd prefer absolute sobriety laws to .05; they would remove all doubt. At .05 driving even after a drink and certainly two, would be simply too risky. It is interesting that MADD and other groups aren't embracing this proposal.

Drunk driving is a serious societal problem in America; we should all be able to agree on that. What we can't seem to agree on are effective ways of fighting it without complete prohibition, and we know how that worked out. I continue to argue that the key is not going after the crowd that has a drink or two with dinner.

We need long prison terms for repeat offenders and much tougher penalties for those with very high alcohol levels in their blood when arrested for drunk driving(.20 should be a felony). I'm surprised and encouraged by some of the people and groups who think this is a bad idea.