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Does President Obama Really Believe He didn't Lie?

by Jerry Bader

Chuck Todd says yes,he really doesn't believe he lied with his "you can keep it" pledge. Here's the stunning part to me; Todd seems to be saying that President Obama believed they'd be able to keep that pledge. There is no way he believes that. That's why he had to lie. People being forced off those individual market health insurance policies is essential to the economics. 

And if he thought people could keep the policies, why did he follow up the lie with another lie, claiming "we said you could keep it if it doesn't change." Nobody seems to have any video of that. What happen here seems pretty obvious to me; Obama knew this was a lie, of course. But he thought math played in his favor. "Only five percent" of policy holders are effected. Throw in family members on those plans and you're looking at 15 million people. And, he was so sure those 15 million would be so thankful for the new and improved coverage that they wouldn't complain about losing policies he said they could keep.

In other words, "I can lie about it because they won't care anyway; they'll love me for the new stuff they'll be getting." That's why he probably doesn't believe he was lying. In his mind, if nobody complained about it, it wasn't a lie. Guess, what; people are complaining.