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Cruz Won't Vote For, Won't Block, Senate Deal

by Jerry Bader

So, will Tea Party Conservatives who hailed Cruz for his resilience now be disappointed that he won't fight one more time? He's voting no, but Senator Ron Johnson told me he expected to vote no. So, when it came to the zero hour, Cruz and Johnson behaved precisely the same way. So, hopelessly misguided conservatives who consider Johnson a traitor to the cause, how do the reconcile that when push comes to shove, he and Johnson are on the same page?

This conservative divide has been unhealthy for a couple of reasons. First, rock-ribbed conservatives such as Johnson have been unfairly characterized as RINO's. Cruz has been unfairly demonized by the Republican Establishment.

But more importantly, the roll out of Obamacare has been even more devastating than even the harshest critics (that includes me) imagined it would be. And it would have been a much bigger story if it hadn't been obscured by Republican infighting. As the can is kicked down the road, let's see what, if anything, conservatives have learned from this.