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Time for a GOP revolution

by Greg Belfrage

Crisis has been averted! Last night Congress passed, and the president signed, a short term spending deal that will keep the government open through January. The government's borrowing authority has been extended through February.

That's right, kiddies!  This government shutdown has been so much fun that we get to repeat the entire exercise in just a few short months!

Republicans held out until the 11th hour. What did they get from the deal? Almost nothing. 

The deal has absolutely no provisions addressing unpopular parts of Obamacare, such as the medical device tax and the personal mandate. However, it will require income verification for those receiving subsidies under the Affordable Healthcare Act.

The bill also requires a bipartisan budget committee to outline a broader spending plan by mid-December.

Great, yet another committee of the 'Inside the Beltway' brain trust. Someone should call Irwin Allen, as I see another disaster in the making.

Conservatives are rightfully outraged. They've been sold out once again by Republican leadership and Senate Republicans.

One might rightly ask why Republicans opposed the Democrats in the first place. Why shut down the federal government and risk harming the country's credit rating if you have absolutely no intention of going to the mat? It makes absolutely no sense.

The Republicans in Congress remind me of our family dog, Sadie. All it takes is one harsh word from me for Sadie to drop to the floor, roll on to her back with paws in the air, and tuck her tail between her legs. We should have named her Senator McConnell.

Republicans come out of this deal...again...smelling like the skunk at a picnic. Just when you think they can't do any worse... Republicans manage to drive their approval and poll numbers down even further with barely a single thing to show for it.

Let's just hope Republicans don't repeat this embarrassing debacle again in a few months. There's absolutely no point in fighting without a change in GOP leadership.

Grassroots conservatives should set their sights on the mid-term elections. Its time to clean house by purging liberals from the party and replacing the existing leadership. No meaningful change will occur without it.

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