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Republicans should take a page from the Democrats

by Greg Belfrage

"There is no Republican Party. I wish there were."

That's what vice-president Joe Biden told the House Democratic retreat today in Maryland.

"I wish there was one person you could sit across the table from and make a deal," Biden said. 

I'm sure he does! You can thank heaven that conservatives are keeping Democrats from completely steamrolling over the many Republican moderates who usually seem bent on surrender.

Biden continued, "Look at the response of the State of the Union... what were there, three or four?" 

He's right. The Republican Party is fractured and rifts appear to be growing worse. As a result, Republicans have been largely ineffective and marginalized.

Biden then said something you're not likely to hear from the Republican leadership. He encouraged Democrats to remain loyal to the party platform.

"Let's go out and make every single effort not just to defend, but to aggressively push our agenda," Biden said.

This is a key difference between Democrats and Republicans in Washington. Its where Democrats have Republicans beat stone cold. Unity.

Unity isn't going to be easy to achieve for Republicans. But its imperative for them unless they hope to be forever in the minority.

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