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Democrats prove themselves to be thin-skinned

by Greg Belfrage

There's been a barrage of media coverage this week following a rodeo at the Missouri State Fair.

If you missed it... although its hard to believe anyone in this country hasn't heard about it... a rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask and a broomstick up his pants has been criticized for disrespecting the president.  The clown goofed around as an announcer asked if spectators wanted to see the president run down by a bull. The crowed cheered wildly.

Nearly all of the criticism has come from people who weren't there.  There have been the usual cries of racism.  Some compared the rodeo to a 'klan rally'.  Others thought the rodeo went too far for threatening harm against the president.  All were upset because the rodeo was disrespectful to the president.

Condemnation of the rodeo antics came swiftly from every quarter.  The rodeo clown, Tuffy Gessling, has been banned for life from the Missouri State Fair.  The president of the Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association, the group hired to produce the rodeo, was forced to resign.  The Missouri State Fair Commission is requiring sensitivity training for all officials and contractors that were involved in the incident.

Democrats are in shocked disbelief that anyone would publicly disrespect President Obama.  Their partners in the mainstream media have obediently blown the incident completely out of proportion. The way the story has been told, you'd think someone actually fired a gun at the president.

Once again, it falls to me to do the media's job and put the matter in perspective for you.

This incident at the rodeo in Missouri was nothing more than red state Missourians expressing their dissatisfaction with an increasingly unpopular liberal president.  These types of protests are nothing new to American politics.

George W. Bush was hung in effigy.  In fact, presidents were routinely hung in effigy in the 18th and 19th centuries.  George Washington was hung in effigy.  Hanging in effigy has been a common form of political protest for hundreds of years.  America's political leaders have been disrespected and mocked since the time of the colonists.

The irrational, hysterical over-reaction from Democrats and the leftist media has once again revealed their thin-skins.  They are incapable of being mocked.  They cannot tolerate dissent.  If you dare to mock their leader, they paint you as a 'racist'.  Their goal is to crush opposition and stifle criticism.

Political correctness has become the most powerful weapon in the liberal arsenal during Obama's presidency.  Democrats yield the sword of political correctness eagerly and often.  They do so because many people are afraid to be branded as 'racist'.  Many would prefer to throw others, like a hapless rodeo clown, under the bus rather than be branded as racists.

Some listeners have told me that the president, the person as well as the office, deserves respect. I believe respect is earned. As a conservative Constitutionalist, I refuse to respect those who are trying to destroy individual liberty and undermine America's founding principles.

The incident at the Missouri State Fair was a spontaneous, non-violent political protest.  We should celebrate the freedom we have to openly mock our leaders, not stifle it through self-serving indignation.

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