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A colorful influx of birds

by Mike McFeely

About a month ago, the orioles and hummingbirds were flocking to people's backyards in Fargo-Moorhead and region. This is an every-year occurrence because the birds are looking for vittles before the insects hatch. But this year, perhaps because it was such a late spring in the Red River Valley, the orioles and hummers were descending on oranges and nectar in huge numbers.

It didn't last long, only a few days, but to see these colorful birds gorging themselves in backyards was kind of fun. And then, as quickly as it started, it was over. I haven't seen an oriole or hummingbird in about a month.

But they'll be back next year. If they are not, we all have bigger issues than feeding birds.

Here are a handful of snapshots I took last month from my front steps. My neighbors were probably wondering what I was doing trying to hide behind shrubs.