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Seinfeld Enthusiasts: This One’s For You

by Nick Vitrano

Adam Lefkoe of WHAS television has done it again, this time enriching his sportscast with seemingly endless Seinfeld references.  Genius…pure genius.  I’ve watched it three times, and each time I have caught something I missed the previous times.  

The true brilliance of Lefkoe and his approach is that he isn’t all gimmick – he provides legitimate sports news and highlights.  If you were not aware of his focused intent in these themed sportscasts, you wouldn’t give it a second thought.  It’s a seamless script and delivery, and clearly the guy has his own merit as a broadcaster.  He’s one talented fella, and there is a method to his SportsCenter-style madness.  THIS is his Jerry Maguire mission statement, so to speak, posted in advance of his brilliant Wrestlecast 2013 of last week.  Keep it goin’ Adam.  And to any television GM in my viewing area…find out what it will take to get this guy on our team in the 920!

Ladies and gentlemen, Seinfeldcast: