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So who do you want as your QB?

by Ryan Fantozzi

With the recent news of Brett Favre's agent, Bus Cook saying the former quarterback is in great enough shape to play better than several others at the position, let's play the who would you rather have game. It's time to compare Favre himself verse the most polarizing QB since he was running around on the field, Tim Tebow. Before we get to the poll, let's compare the two.

Brett Favre- Your all time leader in wins, passing yards, completions, attempts, passing touchdowns, interceptions, wins, starts, retirements and sending pics of his you know what to a woman who looks like a younger version of his wife. 

Tim Tebow- The man will make you a better person for spending five minutes with him. Two time National Champion, Heisman winner, holder of several NCAA records and one playoff win. Plus he turned down the Russians offer to play football! So therefore a true American!

Vote below on who you would roll with. Brett Favre in his current state and age or Tebow?

Who would you choose as your QB?