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Is The NFL Just Another "Shady" Business?

by Tom King

You enjoy watching the NFL right? Of course you do. I'll be there with you in front of the tube on Sunday. Would you enjoy it a little less if you knew that the league and its leaders view the players as little more than disposable commodities to be used,abused and disposed of when they can no longer perform? I would hope you would.

There is a new book called "League of Denial: the NFL, Concussions and the Battle for Truth". It's written by Mark Fainaru-Wada and Steve Fainaru . Fainaru-Wada was one of the authors of "Game Of Shadows",  an excellent book that blew apart the Barry Bonds steroid issue.

In the book the authors reveal a 20 year campaign by the NFL to deny scientific research that connected brain damage to football. The book claims the league used its power and resources to discredit independent scientists and cited their own paid for research that minimized the dangers of concussions.They also used an aggressive PR campaign to keep the public uninformed of what the league really knew about the effects of playing pro football.

The books release prompted Commissioner Roger Goodell to retreat back into damage control mode and send out a text message to the NFL database highlighting the leagues safety programs.

NFL player Ed Reed told espn.com "The Business of football is very shady. The fact that they would withhold information is bad. The fact that our collective bargaining agreement would not want that information, the fact that our older players would take a little cash instead of getting that information out is bad. The business of football is shady. Now we cant get that information anymore...its swept under the rug? that's bad"

Arian Foster said that the league's words about safety ring hollow. If they really wanted to make the league safer thay would cut out things like "Thursday Night Football". I agree. you can't have players playing two games in four days and then claim you care about their health and well-being. Thursday night football is a complete money grab.

Roger Goodell is a shill for the suits and why should we expect the NFL to behave differently than a big manufacturing company in this country. Where the short-term bottom line will always be more important than the peons that work in the trenches. 

I'll still watch the games but I certainly feel a little complicit in the cover-up. And watching the games will now feel a little dirty.